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peiker CEE

Smartly Connected

We develop innovative communication systems and forward-looking technical products for riding, outdoor sports and industrial use. Our work is driven by a passion for forward-looking technologies, a generous helping of courage and a strong team spirit.

Although we are a relatively new company, we can draw on decades of experience in the field of modern communication solutions as part of peiker Holding. This makes us both a family company and a start-up – with a tradition of doing things differently.

Our Mission

We love good ideas and intelligent ways of implementing them. Whenever we develop products, we strive to combine cutting-edge technologies with highly practical features.

We work closely with experts and top athletes from a range of sports to tailor our products to their needs and test them in real-life conditions. The result is a range of innovative solutions which help our customers day in, day out.

Passionately Curious

As a company, peiker CEE likes to be different and is always keen to learn something new. We are involved in development activities in a whole range of areas – and always use the experience we gain for new projects.

Our products promote communication between equestrian coaches and students, help horse owners to soothe their animals or offer outdoor sports enthusiasts a reliable connection over large distances.

Responsible Out of Conviction

We connect people and help them to achieve their personal goals, both with our products and with our corporate social responsibility activities. The team from peiker CEE is proud to be able to contribute to a large number of individual success stories.

For instance, we are supporting Paralympics athletes in their quest to win a medal in biathlon and helping them to be always perfectly connected.

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