A must-have for both english and western riding

CEECOACH is the ideal tool for equestrian coaching. Thanks to its reliable Bluetooth connection, outstanding voice quality and intuitive operation, riding coaches can communicate with their students better – and give them instructions directly in both one-to-one and group lessons. As well as saving the coach’s voice, this helps to make students calmer when they are preparing for a competition because other people cannot hear the commands.

CEECOACH therefore paves the way for more efficient lessons and lasting coaching success. The system is flexible, simple and completely independent of smartphones and mobile networks.

Praised by Eventing, Cross Country and Dressage Athlete, Lainey Ashker

Laine Ashker is best known as a five-star event rider who has brought four different horses up through the levels to the five-star level, and has ridden around some of the toughest events in the world including the Land Rover Kentucky CCI 5*, Burghley CCI 5* and Blenheim CCI 4*. Laine also won the National Eventing Championship (Advanced level) in 2013 aboard her long-time partner Anthony Patch.  Laine is not only a successful eventer, but also a successful dressage competitor, and has earned her USDF bronze, silver and gold medals. Laine Ashker is a native of California, but moved to the east coast to pursue her professional riding career at a young age. She is now based in Midlothian, Virginia, and trains horses and riders of all levels out of her home base there while she is not competing herself.

“I take my students to school at many different cross country facilities to give them the opportunity to learn how to gallop across different courses. CEECOACH has been an absolute lifesaver when teaching these cross country lessons. I used to come home from a day of teaching not being able to talk, but now with CEECOACH, I can communicate clearly to my students across a large field without having to strain my voice.”
— Lainey Ashker

Praised by Olympic Eventing Athlete, Joe Meyer

“I really love this system. It’s so easy that even the biggest technophobe can use it. In a completely crowded warm-up, you can have an intimate conversation with a student without any yelling. It makes it so much easier to concentrate. The batteries seem to last forever.”
— Joe Meyer

Endorsed by History Making Olympic Athlete, Isabell Werth

Ms. Werth has competed in five Olympic Games and has won the most Olympic medals of any equestrian athlete – ten medals, including six gold medals for dressage.

“I had been looking for a device which would permit interference-free dialogue between trainers and students for a long time.”
— Isabell Werth

Preferred by ICP Level II Certified Instructor, Angela Bowles

“CEECOACH has made coaching at competitions and home so much more effortless with their lightweight device. The sound quality is perfect. I absolutely love this product!

Here I am riding the Galway international winner Oskar with the incomparable Isabel Werth CEECOACH system. I have never seen such a product that combines function and style. This system truly gleams in the sunlight. I felt special not only by the horse I was riding, but also the technology I was utilizing. It helped me communicate with my team for the win!”

— Angela Bowles (Formerly Grzywinski)

Applauded by U.S. Dressage Federation Gold Medalist, Shannon Peters

Shannon Peters is a well known clinician and teacher, as well as coach to her husband, U.S. Olympic Equestrian, Steffen Peters.

“Having used this system now for several months, I am thrilled with the ease of use, clarity and battery life these units have. It is also really great to get “real time” questions from my students, instead of having to wait for them to stop and ask. It is most definitely the best system out there!”

— Shannon Peters

Recommended by 2017 Paralympic contender, Lara Oles, and Trainer, Annie Sweet

The CEECOACH couldn’t be better! My trainer and I love it! I love that it is light weight and hooks firmly to my belt. It is nice that I can answer my trainer quietly back when needed, or I can turn off my microphone.”

— Lara Oles

“My students have all noticed a huge improvement in the quality of their lessons since I got my CEECOACH. The sound quality has always been crystal clear, no static, fading or cutting out, even when the battery gets low or when the student is clear across a huge arena in a windstorm. I always recommend this device to other trainers and riders. I’m a CEECOACH fan for life!”

— Annie Sweet

Endorsed by 2015 FEI World Cup Finalist, Terhi Stegars

“As the head riding instructor at the ‘A bis Grand Prix’ riding school, my responsibilities include training sport horses and presenting them at tournaments. I had been looking for a system that enables direct, uncomplicated dialogue between the instructor and students for a long time.

Because CEECOACH makes do with just three buttons, I can focus entirely on training the horse and rider. It’s so simple, even a child can use it, even with riding gloves on. I don’t even have to look at the unit to use it!”

— Terhi Stegars

Favored by American Rodeo Champion, Chayni Chamberlain

“The CEECOACH is great during practice! When I have questions, I don’t have to stop riding to get an answer from my Mom.”

— Chayni Chamberlain

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