The CEECOACH PLUS requires sophisticated electronics and on-board firmware to be able to provide you with the excellent communications you are used to with it. Our team in Germany is always working to make that firmware even better and add cool new features. Therefore, we have put together a software application to run on your PC of Mac and let you update the CEECOACH firmware. Please see the information below on how to install and use the software interface.

Downloading and Installing the Application

This is only required the first time.  Once the program has been installed the first time you can move on to the CEECOACH PLUS Upgrade Process below
  1. Please choose the correct version below for your computer (PC/Windows or Mac) and click on it download to your computer
  2. Open the compressed file and move the .exe or .dmg file to your desktop
  3. Open and install the CEECOACH PLUS file just moved to the desktop
  4. Windows Procedure
    1. For Windows, it may ask if you are sure you want to run it.  Choose to Run Anyway.
    2. Click Next when the installation window pops up
    3. Choose to “Install for anyone using this computer” and click Next
    4. Change the folder path if you want, otherwise click Next
    5. Change the Start Menu folder if you want, otherwise click Install
    6. Once it has completed the process, it will ask if you want to run it now.  Click Finish

CEECOACH PLUS Upgrade Process

  1. Run the “CEECOACH PLUS Updater” program installed in the above process
  2. Plug your CEECOACH PLUS into your computer using the USB-C cable
  3. The CEECOACH PLUS will be recognized by the application after 10-20 seconds and display the firmware version
  4.  If a newer version is available, the application will open a new window asking if you want to update.  Press Yes to continue
  5. Wait for update to complete (green status bar is shown at the bottom of the window).  Once complete, it will open a window showing it is done.  Press OK.
  6. Disconnect your CEECOACH PLUS
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