What drives us.

We connect people – with our systems, on site at our companies, and on a very personal level. We bring together professionals from different fields and give them the freedom and security to explore new trends and technologies. In doing so, we always encourage exchange between our teams. We want to learn from each other in order to jointly develop our system solutions further and implement them in a practical manner. For example, we transfer successful concepts from our professional applications to the consumer sector or test new communication systems directly at our partners’ sites.


Communication with tradition.

Although we are a young company, we can look back on a history of over 75 years. Originating from the company peiker acustic, everything has always revolved around communication: As early as 1957, for example, the first person to climb to over 30,000 meters in a helium balloon was wearing a peiker microphone in his helmet.

Since 1981, Andreas Peiker was the driving force behind peiker acustic. In 2015, he finally sold the company to focus entirely on peiker Holding and new goals. It is smaller, more agile and always looking for new challenges. Andreas Peiker has found them. And with them a strong team of long-time companions and new professionals.


Peiker Family


Heinrich Peiker and his father-in-law, Paul Beerwald, inventor of the first Russian world radio in 1924, found the company Beerwald & Co., later known as PEIKER acustic – Fabrik elektroakustischer Geräte Heinrich Peiker GmbH & Co. for the manufacture and sale of piezoelectric and electroacoustic devices.

Crystal microphones are used in hearing aids, among other things. Piezomicrophones, also known as crystal microphones, are also integrated into sound pick-ups in record players and instruments, for example. One enthusiastic customer of crystal microphones is musical instrument manufacturer Hohner, which is set to become a market leader. The peiker microphone is small enough to be fixed directly onto its instruments.



The American balloonist David G. Simons is the first person to ascend to the edge of space to a height of 30,000 metres. A peiker microphone is integrated into his helmet.

Heinrich Peiker also starts to develop dynamic microphones such as the TM24, which, in addition to being used in recording studios, can also be used for music production purposes in at-home studios, in amateur workshops or at large-scale events.



The company continues to grow and Heinrich Peiker takes the leap into industrial applications.

He starts developing specialist microphones for the German federal railways, Deutsche Flugsicherung air-traffic control services and for emergency call systems.

Very rugged and protected from dust and water: the Intercept DN125 built-in microphone for official applications. The peiker TM70 hand-held microphone for UHER-Report tape recorders is the first microphone to be used on a climb in the Himalayas in order to record the climber’s experiences live for the subsequent evaluation of the expedition.

The TM110/TF dynamic hand-held microphone for mobile radio remains popular to this day.



peiker introduces the KL1 miniature speaker for mobile radio. To date, this is the industry standard and is part of the equipment used by major car manufacturers in their vehicles.

In the mid-1970s, PEIKER CONSULTING is founded in order to advance research and development separately from the manufacturing side of the business. With the expanded product range, peiker conquers the area of government agencies. Private mobile radio and trunked radio also includes emergency services radio systems, a non-public VHF land mobile service. It is also used by government authorities. In order to supplement point-to-point calls with a mobile phone, it is now possible to make a group call using a radio device. Simultaneous communication with multiple participants is absolutely essential for the fire and rescue services.

Heinrich Peiker also acquires the biggest supplier of injection-moulded parts for the automotive, radio and computer industries, ALLFORM Werkzeug- und Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG.



In the early 1980s, Andreas Peiker, the son and grandson of the founding fathers, takes over the business and is able to look with pride upon the company’s 100 patents both in Germany and abroad.

From now on, peiker starts to make a name for itself in the automotive industry and increases the breadth of its product portfolio.

The first HA10/A10 crashproof hand-held device for mobile communications in the vehicle industry (including for police vehicles) makes its debut and the ME7 hands-free microphone with “low-noise technology” is presented for mobile communication in cars. The peiker car hands-free set is developed for Siemens and the concept behind the first digital answerphone is developed for the entertainment electronics company Alcatel.



peiker enters the innovative field of intelligent transportation systems with its PoleStar product, a telematics system based on mobile phones that tracks vehicles using GPS. The vision: The first in-car emergency call system goes into mass production and would soon become mandatory for all car manufacturers.

In order to be able to sell its own products, the company sets up pei tel Communications GmbH. It becomes a certified radio solutions specialist for the former East Germany and soon becomes a full-range provider of professional communication technologies for wholesale and commercial use.

The focus is always on communication. By the turn of the millennium, peiker has grown from a small company to a market leader for the development and manufacture of communi-cations devices such as microphones, speakers, hand-held devices for radio and mobile telephony. Its main customers include renowned car and mobile phone manufacturers, as well as various government authorities and public institutions.



peiker continues to draw on synergies and works together with computer manufacturer Compaq, the telematics company Tegaron and Mannesmann Autocom to develop vehicle integration of an off-board navigation system. pei tel takes over the entire peiker standard products business area so that PEIKER acustic can focus exclusively on automotive business.

With ELSA, a manufacturer of mainboards, the company advances in the field of hands-free sets. The multiple award-winning and world’s first Bluetooth® hands-free set Uconnect remains on the market to this day in its evolved form as used by car manufacturers Fiat and JEEP®, for example. The iPod® interface kit for Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH makes it possible to fully integrate the Apple™ iPod® into a vehicle for the first time and the first iPhone docking station is developed. The in-car emergency call system is further developed for BMW AG and is marketed as the E-Call. With this feature, a SIM card is built into the car that can be used by the driver to notify the emergency services in the event of an accident, or is automatically triggered if the driver is not able to place the call independently.



The development of the 3G/UMTS module serves as the basis for what would become E-Call and communications applications and conquers OEM mass production market with its high-speed connectivity modules. Together with the car manufacturers, the German car-sharing schemes car2go and DriveNow become market-ready and are, to this day, an alternative to public transport in major cities. Wireless charging is a new, exciting area of application and is developed based on the WiPower technology from Qualcomm, a major manufacturer of semiconductors for near-field resonance. From this time on, Qualcomm would go on to become one of our biggest knowledge partners. This is followed by the development of the 4G/LTE module for vehicles – data transmission via mobile Internet is another innovation on the market. The BMW Supplier Award in the category “Connected Drive” from our long-term partner BMW AG confirms that we have played our part in the speedy roll-out of automotive digitisation.



From the invention of the crystal microphone, a helium balloon trip to outer space, a Himalayan expedition, to the successful supplier of communication solutions for premium vehicles – Andreas Peiker celebrates 75 years of his family’s company history.

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