Talk to your trainer or group in water sports activities

The water proof protective cases now enable you to use your CEECOACH for lessons in water sports such as Standup Paddle, Kayak, Kite Surfing, Surfing, and many more!

Waterproof protection for CEECOACH

Enhance your water sports and stay connected with the CEECOACH XTREME or the waterproof pouches for CEECOACH 1 and 2.

Endorsed by Clint Liddy, Owner of Wakeport Rhein-Main

“With CEECOACH XTREME, we have found exactly the right communication system for our wakeboard training sessions. Now we can give the feedback to our students directly in the training situation, namely when they are in their absolute fly-high feeling and want to go a step further on the backroll or the raley (or any other trick). Satisfaction is guaranteed and our vocal cords are spared. “

Endorsed by Windsurfing Champions, The Moussilmaini Brothers

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