Talk to your trainer or group in any outdoor activity

Stay connected with your group or your students in any outdoor activity, be it hiking, mountain climbing, biking, you name it. As long as you are within line of sight within 1500 feet, your group of up to six people will stay communicated.

With the water proof protective cases, your CEECOACH stays safe when exposed to rain or splash water. Get out there and share your pictures of how you are using CEECOACH by tagging us @ceecoachusa in social media.

Enhance your outdoor activities by staying in communication with your peers or students.

Seasoned turkey hunters brought along CEECOACH, to be able to communicate while on the hunt. The device can be easily hidden within a pocket, so it’s out-of-sight.

Stay connected with your group during excursions.

Blind man Andy Holzer climbs Mount Everest with the support of his team and CEECOACH

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