To download an electronic copy of our device specifications, please click the image on the right.

The CEECOACH module comes with a limited one year warranty.


Software updates are used to keep CEECOACH functions current and up to date. It is recommended that you have the same software version on all of your devices. CEECOACH SOFTWARE UPDATE works with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

How do I update my CEECOACH with the latest software?

For a quick reference of how to update your software, please click here:

  • Go to our Software Update Page
  • Download and install CEECOACH Update Program according to the guide
    Download the current CEECOACH Software
  • Start the update program on your computer
  • Plug your CEECOACH into your PC and press down all three CEECOACH buttons at the same time until it flashes red and you hear the computer locate the USB device
  • Click “Menu” on the software application, then click “Update File”, find where the download file was updated and press “OK”
    Press the “Update” button on the bottom right and wait for the process to complete
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