Direct communication with excellent voice quality – CEECOACH 2 sustainably increases the success of the training. You stay in touch with up to 6 participants over a distance of up to 500 meters and receive direct feedback from your trainer via your Bluetooth® headset.

Easy group communication up to 6 people

Connection all the way – up to 500m range

Clear communication – with Bluetooth® or wired headset

Flexible role assignment – trainer-participant mode

Excellent voice quality – loud and clear

Battery life – up to 10 hours


together. Now.

With the CEECOACH, we at peiker CEE have developed a communication system that is revolutionizing training. Thanks to a reliable Bluetooth® connection, excellent voice quality and intuitive operation, the trainer can communicate directly with his riding students – despite the distance. He discusses the next tracks, jumps and gives tips over the wireless headset without outsiders listening. Direct communication with the CEECOACH 2 also offers advantages for other outdoor sports: Whether on the water ski facility, in the climbing park or off-road on the downhill bike – the direct feedback takes your training to a new level. In contrast to the CEECOACH 1, the CEECOACH 2 offers you Bluetooth ® support-Headsets more freedom of movement than ever before.

10 Hours
Battery life

6 Participants

500 m

Benefits of Bluetooth® communication for you and your trainer:

  • Share experiences in real time
  • immediate learning effect
  • no misunderstandings
  • voice gently
  • teach in parallel
  • hands-free

Specifications of the CEECOACH 2

Technical Data

Learn all about the technical specifications and special features of your CEECOACH 2.

package contents


  • 1 x CEECOACH
  • 1 * clip mount
  • 1 x stereo headset with CEECOACH logo
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 * instructions


  • 2 x CEECOACH
  • 2 * clip mount
  • 2 x stereo headsets with CEECOACH logo
  • 2 x USB charging cables
  • 1 * instructions


dimensions (W x H x D)
clip can be locked in 90° steps
multicolored LED


case color
white, bordeaux, turquoise


talk time
stand-by time
operating temperature
power supply
loading time
connection charger
up to 10 hours*
up to 3 days*
-10°C to +45°C
lithium-ion battery
approx. 4 hours*
standard micro USB


number of participants
supported profiles
up to 6 people at the same time
up to 500m*

headset connection

headset connection
data transmission
3.5mm jack


protection class
splashproof, dustproof, shockproof

*Deviations possible depending on usage

Do you have any questions about CEECOACH 2?

Download the instructions

CEECOACH 2 – training on a new level.

Train better.

With the CEECOACH 2 communication system, training in outdoor or equestrian sports is effective and sustainable. The trainer gives the riding students direct feedback in the hall or on the field via the headset, which they implement immediately. The skiing student does not only get feedback on his footwork after the training, but directly on the board – this takes the training to a whole new level. Up to six participants coordinate themselves while cycling indoors in individual or group lessons – this ensures faster success for the team.

together Now.

together Now.

CEECOACH 2 – connected outdoors.

Connected even without a network.

Whether during coaching, at the water ski facility, or during riding lessons on the square: the trainer gives feedback on jumps, posture, and track figures over a distance of up to 500 meters. There are no more misunderstandings in communication that arise due to distances or background noise. This technology not only protects the voice of the trainer but also ensures more efficient lessons and more safety on tours in the field – completely independent of smartphones or mobile networks.

CEECOACH 2 – individually expandable.

Always the right choice.

To start training with the CEECOACH you need at least two devices: one for you and one for your training partner. The team is growing? Excellent! With the CEECOACH 2 Single you can easily connect another participant – with the CEECOACH 2 Duo even twice, because here you get two CEECOACH 2 at once. If the CEECOACHES are coupled with each other, further communication groups can be created. In this way, the training can run in parallel without being disturbed by calls. Nothing stands in the way of using the indoor riding arena for two or more trainers.

Do you need your own CEECOACH 2 for riding training at home or on an external course? No problem. Groups can be put together individually and CEECOACH 2 or CEECOACH 1 can be connected to each other.

together Now.

together Now.

CEECOACH 2– different modes.

Suitable for everyone.

You can choose between three modes for optimal communication during training:

Are you the team leader? Then choose trainer mode, where only you speak as the trainer and give instructions to all members of your riding group.

Would you like to ask your trainer a question during riding lessons as a student? Switch to participant mode with a push of a button. Thanks to full-duplex technology, all participants in a group can listen.

If you, as a trainer, have a tip for an individual student, you can share it with them in private mode. The rest of the participants will then not be able to hear you.

With the CEECOACH from us, the peiker CEE, the training is flexible and individual – perfect for your personal training requirements! Each CEECOACH 2 device can be flexibly assigned to a role. There are no special transmitter or receiver devices.

CEECOACH 2 – a free hand for important things.

More freedom of movement.

With the CEECOACH 2 you have even more freedom of movement: the communication system can be used with both wired headphones and wireless headsets. Depending on the location and personal preferences, choose the right variant for you.

Even with gloves, the CEECOACH can be operated while riding or outside on the ski slope – without looking at the device. The wavy design of the CEECOACH 2 enables intuitive operation. You can easily control the functions and the volume with the three buttons – and have your hands free for the really important things.

In order to always have the CEECOACH to hand and to give quick feedback, the CEECOACH should ideally be worn close to the body. With the belt clip, you can attach the communication system to your belt quickly and easily. In this way, you can operate your CEECOACH without any problems and retain your freedom of movement.

together Now.

together Now.

CEECOACH 2 – defies wind and weather during training.

Always in touch.

Wind and weather are no reason to skip training! With the outdoor kit, you decide when it’s over – and not the rain. Two waterproof protective covers are included, which can be attached to the arm with a Velcro strap. The waterproof, wired “Jabra ACTIVE” headsets come with the CEECOACH wind blocker which goes around the microphone on the cable and minimizes background noise. With your CEECOACH communication system, you can train outdoors both in midsummer and indoors in snowy winter: the operating temperature is between -10 °C and +45 °C. Always keep in touch with your trainer or students: Thanks to the long battery life of 10 hours of talk time, nothing stands in the way of extensive training sessions.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Questions about CEECOACH 2


Couldn’t find an answer to your question? No problem, just contact our support. We are glad to help you.

How can I use CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2 in a communication group?

If you want to use CEECOACH 1 and CEECOACH 2 devices in a communication group, all devices must have at least software version v02.02. We recommend that all shared devices have the same software version. The latest software version can be downloaded free of charge from our homepage.

How do I connect a Bluetooth ® headset to the CEECOACH 2?

Switch on the Bluetooth ® headset and put it into pairing mode (if necessary, please read the operating instructions for the headset). Now start the pairing mode of your CEECOACH 2. The device will now search for a headset for approx. 60 seconds. Note: CEECOACH 2 only searches for a headset if no other headset is currently connected. So if you want to connect another headset, first switch off the headset that is already connected.

More information

My CEECOACH 2 cannot find a Bluetooth® headset.

Please make sure your headset is in pairing mode. Then check if CEECOACH 2 is already connected to another Bluetooth® headset. CEECOACH 2 only searches for a headset if no other headset is currently connected. So if you want to connect another headset, first switch off the headset that is already connected. (Optional: You can quickly find out whether a Bluetooth® headset is connected by briefly pressing the plus button on the CEECOACH 2. If you hear the volume change tone on the cable headset, this means that no Bluetooth® headset is connected to the CEECOACH 2 is connected.)

More information

How do I connect my smartphone and my Bluetooth® headset to the CEECOACH 2?

If you want to use both a headset and a smartphone with CEECOACH 2, you have to connect both devices one after the other. The order doesn’t matter: you can connect your smartphone first and then your headset – or vice versa.

My Bluetooth® headset does not connect to the CEECOACH 2 after switching it on.

If a connected Bluetooth® headset is switched off, no connection is established by CEECOACH 2 after the headset is switched on again. Many headsets automatically connect to the last connected device when turned on. Note: If the Bluetooth® headset you used last does not establish a connection to the CEECOACH 2 after switching it on, you can restart the connection by briefly pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the CEECOACH 2 at the same time.

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