The communication system that networks even without a network – handy, lightweight, sturdy and intuitive to operate

All functions can be controlled with just three buttons. The wave-shaped design of the CEECOACH enables optimum operation, even when wearing gloves or without looking at the device.

Easy group communication for connecting instructor and students in snow ski sports. Three individual configurations be set up easily: Trainer, Participant and Private Mode.

Training Large Groups or Just Keeping in Touch

CEECOACH PLUS is an excellent solution for training groups of up to 16 people or just keeping in touch with your partner while on the mountainside

Endorsed by U.S. Ski Olympian, Pam Fletcher

“CEECOACH has been an invaluable tool on the ski slopes! To be able to provide a skier with instant feedback, while following them down the slopes, has been amazing. In one run, I can see immediate improvement in someone’s technique, just by suggesting one or two things to think about, while they are skiing down the trail.

Excellent clarity and so simple to use. It has revolutionized the way I can coach my classes on the slopes. Instant feedback in any sport is invaluable but when I can communicate with a skier what I would like them to try with their technique in real time and see immediate results, it is just Epic!”

— Pam Fletcher

Recommended by Martin Brandlhuber, DSLV Instructor, German Ski Instructors Association

It’s so simple that children can easily use it. You can handle it even with gloves on and without looking at the CEECOACH!”

— Martin Brandlhuber

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