Redesign your training by measuring and visualizing it – train sustainably in terms of your horse’s health with CEEFIT, the combination of CEEFIT Sensor and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode Belt. For each training session you will find a complete training analysis in your Seaver app.

Heart Rate – monitor your horse’s fitness and endurance

Speed ​​- measure your horse’s speed

Symmetry – avoid one-sided overloads

Calories burned – adjust your horse’s feeding based on its energy expenditure

GPS tracking – record the route of your ride

Bounce Power – activate the hindquarters for your next, higher obstacle

Deviation – notice how straight and evenly your horse negotiates the obstacle

Time per hand – using the direction analysis, you train evenly on both hands


Visualize your training. Now.

Smartphones, fitness trackers and automatically synchronizing calendars make everyday life easier for us and have been organizing our daily activities for a long time. With our CEEFIT, we are now also digitizing training in equestrian sports. Gone are the days of loose sheets and training journals. Redesign your training by measuring and visualizing it.

Riding is a sport in which you rely on your feelings or the performance is individually assessed by a riding instructor or judge. You train each side of your horse equally – do you think or know that? Thanks to the CEEFIT you know how much time you have ridden on which hand and use this to adjust your further training. Keep an eye on your horse’s training level and provide optimal support to achieve your goals.

With the fitness tracker CEEFIT, the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt and the Seaver app, you collect your horse’s movement and health data during a ride. The result of the performance diagnostics are objective facts and figures that are stored in the Seaver app for analysis and comparison with your assessment.

Measuring the horse’s heart rate and pulse, performing an ECG, analyzing the symmetry of movement, analyzing the jumps completed – the focus is on keeping your horse healthy through an individually tailored training plan. Our partner, the French manufacturer Seaver, and we, the peiker CEE, are sure – with the CEEFIT you train the fitness of your horse sustainably. Be there and digitize equestrian sport with us. Integrate CEEFIT into your daily training, visualize your progress and make your training sustainable for the health of your horse.


Benefits of training monitoring for you and your horse:

  • Visualization of the training content
  • See continuous training progress
  • Analysis of jumping training
  • Improving the quality of movement
  • Ensure health
  • Design a comprehensible training program
  • Building up the condition
  • Long-term increase in performance

Specifications of the CEEFIT

Technical specifications

Find out everything about the technical data and the special properties of your CEEFIT.

package contents


  • CEEFIT sensor
  • silicone clip
  • charging cable
  • wireless charger
  • tape measure
  • short instruction manual

CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode Belt

  • CEEFIT Pulse & ECG strap cuff
  • contact gel
  • fasteners
  • short instruction manual


dimensions (W x H x D)
10.2mm x 3mm x 1.5mm
silicone clip


case color

battery pack

battery type
operating time
operating temperature
charging time
ambient temperature for battery charging
charging method
lithium-ion battery, 700 mAh
Up to 20 hours
0°C to +45°C
up to 4 hours
0°C to +45°C
wireless charging


phone – supported profiles
smart watch – supported profiles
iOS & Android
Apple Watch, Samsung Watch (Tizen)


protection class
splash proof
CE (Europe), FCC (USA)

CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode Belt

blue / black
by hand
30mm x 60mm x 15mm

Do you have any questions about CEEFIT?

Download the instructions

A complete overview

All features

Prerequisite data evaluation:
Necessary products:


  1. CEEFIT sensor
  2. CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode Belt


  1. CEEFIT sensor


Calories burned

Health + (In-App Purchase)

Fitness Shape Test (coming soon)
Stress level
Recovery period
Power V140/V200
Training development


Symmetry in the trot
Time per hand
Time per gait
Cycle in steps/min
Erection in cm


Number of jumps
Height of jump (cm)
Angle of jump (degrees)
Length of jump (cm)
Beat when starting (steps/min)
Bounce force (g)
Jump speed (km/h)
Deviation during the jump
Symmetry (%)
Impact energy absorbed on landing (kJ)
Course overview

Speed & GPS tracking *

Maximum speed
Average speed

More functions

Data in real-time
Training programs
Safe Ride (in-app purchase)
Smart Watch App

* Data is collected via smartphone – it is necessary to carry the smartphone with you

together Now.

CEEFIT – make training healthy.

clear lines.

You can determine your horse’s symmetry at the trot in the Biomechanics section of the Seaver app. Recognize deviations from the normal range or irregularities in the course of movement during the trot work and thus prevent excessive demands. Riding on the left hand is easier for you and your horse? An analysis shows you the percentage distribution of the ridden direction, so that you ride your dressage lessons evenly on both hands. With the evaluation of the time per gait, the beat and the up and down movement, i.e. how collected your horse was, you organize your next training session in the dressage arena. With the CEEFIT sensor you prevent overloads such as lameness and continuously improve the quality of the gaits.

CEEFIT – show jumping training holistically.

Higher. More quickly. Continue.

The ride through a jumping course is over quickly. With the Seaver app, you can document your run and get a detailed overview of the course you have completed. The obstacle section gives you information about how many jumps you have completed and how your horse behaved at the jump. With the information on the tact when riding, take-off angle, take-off speed, deviation and height above the jump you can adapt your obstacle training. Exchange combinations and optimize the approach to the obstacle through the jump analysis. With the parameters for the energy absorbed when landing and the symmetry when taking off the hindquarters, you minimize the risk of joint and tendon damage to your horse. Show jumping with the CEEFIT sensor makes your training comprehensible and optimizes your results in the show jumping course.

together Now.

#training motivation
together Now.

CEEFIT – track speed and GPS.

Many ways lead to the goal.

Whether it’s a leisure horse or a professional rider, the condition of man and animal is the prerequisite for a trail ride or professional eventing. The Speed ​​section of the Seaver app tracks your off-road training. Take your smartphone with you during the ride to record the route via GPS signal. The CEEFIT sensor calculates the speed in km/h per gait. Together with the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt, you will receive additional information about your horse’s state of health. Monitor heart rate with Health feature and control your work in the field. The fitness and muscle building training will prevent you from overloading of your horse’s heart and musculoskeletal system. Keep this in mind when making your performance diagnosis.

CEEFIT health – Know your heart rate and calorie consumption.

matter of the heart.

Whether it’s dressage, show jumping, eventing or driving a carriage, the focus of the training is on your horse’s health. What was the heart rate during your training session and how many calories did your horse burn during that time? Criteria that are part of the daily routine for athletes to increase performance. With the CEEFIT sensor and the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt, you can measure your horse’s pulse and the number of heartbeats per minute on the show jumping course or when riding out, and thus assess the energy consumed. With the Health feature, you can get a workout intensity result directly from the Seaver app. Collect the data over a longer period of time and get a picture of the general state of health of your horse. Deviations can be identified quickly and the training and diet can be adjusted to increase your level of riding in the long term.

together Now.

together Now.

CEEFIT – Easy and quick to use.

Always on the pulse.

With the CEEFIT sensor and the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt, you can monitor your horse’s movement and health. Download the Seaver app from the Apple or Play Store and activate Bluetooth ® on your smartphone. Search and find the CEEFIT sensor, carry your smartphone with you during the ride or then synchronize the two devices again via the Bluetooth ® connection. Before the ride, click the CEEFIT sensor into the holder provided on the electrode belt and then attach it to your saddle belt. You place the electrode, which is attached to an elastic band, behind the shoulder blade on the left side of the horse’s body under the saddle flap. The Seaver app stores health data such as your horse’s heart rate and pulse in the Health section.

CEEFIT – add-on for horse health.

Connected to everything.

The horse is an athlete and like any athlete, it can only develop its full potential if its training is individually tailored to its physical and mental condition. Today, many athletes, whether amateur or professional, use smart devices such as speedometers or pedometers to track their training sessions and make progress while keeping in mind the maintenance of health. You can get additional functions such as sharing your results with your riding instructor or exercises to improve your training via the Seaver app and our peiker CEE newsletter.

together Now.

together Now.


saddle up.

With the CEEFIT sensor you collect movement data of your horse during a training session. The Seaver app visualizes the data recorded in real-time. To do this, download the Seaver app from the Apple or Play Store and activate Bluetooth ® on your smartphone. Search and find the CEEFIT sensor, carry your smartphone with you during the ride or then synchronize the two devices again via the Bluetooth ® connection. Insert the handy CEEFIT sensor into the silicone clip and attach it to your girth. Centered between your horse’s front legs, it is in daily use really handy. If you have a CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt, click the CEEFIT sensor into the holder provided and attach it to your saddle belt. After your ride, you can view the collected movement data in the various functions of the Seaver app and evaluate your performance diagnosis.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Questions about CEEFIT


Couldn’t find an answer to your question? No problem, just contact our support. We are glad to help you.

How do I charge my CEEFIT?

The CEEFIT is charged via the charging platform (with the associated cable).

Plug the charger into an outlet and position the CEEFIT sensor in the center of the charging platform. Place your CEEFIT with the logo facing down exactly on the logo of the loading platform. When the CEEFIT is charging, a blue light shines on the face of the CEEFIT sensor. During charging, the red LED lamp lights up on the charging platform itself.

View the tutorial video.

The device does not charge or takes a disproportionately long time to charge?

The first charging process may take a long time, especially if the battery was completely empty or has not been charged for a long time. Let the device keep charging for several hours. The next loads should be faster.

Place your CEEFIT on the charging station. If your CEEFIT flashes blue and the small, red light on the platform lights up for the black charging station, this indicates that the connection between the CEEFIT and the charging station has been correctly established and that it is being charged correctly. If it doesn’t glow blue, it may mean you haven’t found the right contact point yet. To find this point, carefully and slowly move the CEEFIT back and forth on the loading platform. Also check that the device is properly aligned on the charging platform: the CEEFIT logo must face the charger logo.

If the blue light on the front of the CEEFIT does not flash even after moving on the platform, leave it on for 1 hour. If charging still doesn’t start, remove it from the platform, wait 48 hours for the sensor to fully discharge, and then try again.

If the problem persists, contact us (also with a short video of the loading attempt) at ceecoach@peiker-cee.com. We will then contact you immediately

How can I see the battery level of my CEEFIT?

Open the Seaver app and connect to your CEEFIT. To do this, go to “My devices” in the menu and select your CEEFIT here. The battery status of your CEEFIT is displayed in the app as soon as it is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

If the battery of your CEEFIT is empty, the app cannot recognize the CEEFIT sensor. If you are not using your CEEFIT, always disconnect it from the app. This will put it in standby mode and the battery will last longer.

The charge does not reach 100%. Is that normal?

The battery has a safety system. If the CEEFIT gets too hot during charging, the charging process is automatically blocked to prevent damage to the CEEFIT. It may take longer for the battery to reach 100% for the first few charge cycles. If the problem persists after 5 to 10 charges, contact us at ceecoach@peiker-cee.com.

How long can I use the CEEFFIT before it needs to be recharged?

When the CEEFIT sensor is fully charged, you can use it to record almost 24 hours of training. If you don’t use it, the battery lasts about a week in standby mode.

Do you have any questions for our team?

We are here to help you.

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