The CEECOACH has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible even though it is a complicated device in terms of what it is able to do.

The CEECOACH has three buttons (Plus, Middle, Minus) along with a USB charging port and 3.5mm headset port. With these three buttons, you can perform all of the functions required to set up and use the device while watching the multi-color LED ring or listening to voice prompts on your headset. For a detailed guide on using your CEECOACH, please view the manual.

A CEECOACH communication group is comprised of at least 2 CEECOACH units and up to 6 total units in a single group. Once units are paired, the CEECOACH system can be put into 1 of 3 available modes: Moderator Mode, Participant Mode or Private Mode



Moderator Mode

One way communication between the Moderator and all participants. Only the Moderator can be heard.

In this mode, the Moderator can talk to all of the participants but the participants cannot talk back. This is the default mode for a group with more than 2 total devices. Moderator mode is excellent for applications where the instructor or guide needs to talk to everyone without interruption or background noise.

Participant Mode

Two-way communications between the Moderator and one Participant. All other participants can hear the conversation.

When one of the participants presses the middle button on their unit, they essentially have raised their hand to ask a question. That participant’s microphone is now active and all other participants can hear the discussion between the Moderator and Participant.

Private Mode

Two-way communication between the Moderator and a Participant. Other participants do not hear the conversation.

After going into Private Mode, the Moderator has now pressed the middle button on their own CEECOACH device. The Moderator and Participant can now talk privately without other participants hearing the conversation until the Moderator presses the button again to go back to Moderator Mode. This is the default mode when only two CEECOACH devices are in a group.


Before using the CEECOACH, you will need to make sure the units are paired. This means that up to 6 units have formed a closed communications group. This group consists of 1 Moderator and up to 5 Participants. Any unit can be set up as a moderator or participant.


The operating mode of the CEECOACH system is changed using the middle buttons of the CEECOACH devices. The graphic shows the cycle of modes available and how to move between them. This is also useful for any users who have accidentally changed the mode of their system. For example, if you are using the system with only two devices and can no longer hear the student, use the diagram below to go back to a mode where both devices are transmitting audio.
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