Questions and answers about CEECOACH PLUS

What can I do if strong/stormy wind disrupts communication?

Basically, the CEECOACH PLUS recognizes human speech and only transmits when you speak. This is also called Voice Activity Detection (VAD). Background noise such as strong wind can only be transmitted during this time. If this is disruptive in your application scenario (e.g. when sailing or surfing), then a wind blocker can help. You can find these in any usual store that sells headset microphones or on our website. What is a wind blocker? You often see them on mics on location shots on TV.

Can I use CEECOACH 1 or 2 with CEECOACH PLUS in a group?

No, with the CEECOACH PLUS, up to 16 participants in a group can communicate with each other. This function prevents compatibility with the CEECOACH 1 or 2.

Do all devices in a CEECOACH PLUS group need the same software version?

In order to always be able to use all functions in a group, we strongly recommend using the same software version on all devices in a group. In general, it is our goal that communication with devices with different software versions works. However, we cannot guarantee this for every update. Especially when a new release offers extensive functional enhancements.

How can I activate or deactivate the key lock on the CEECOACH PLUS?

You can activate or deactivate the key lock by pressing and holding the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time until the LEDs at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock flash simultaneously in the light ring.

Why can my CEECOACH PLUS no longer be operated (controlled) with the buttons?

If the LEDs in the illuminated ring at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock flash simultaneously, the key lock on the CEECOACH PLUS is activated. Deactivate the key lock by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.

Is a connection between my smartphone and the CEECOACH PLUS possible?

It is not possible to connect your smartphone to the CEECOACH PLUS with the current release. The feature is on our roadmap.

How do I activate the pairing mode of the CEECOACH PLUS?

Simultaneously press the two outer function buttons (1, 2) on the front of your CEECOACH PLUS until the light ring rotates white or green. Now carry out the same procedure on each additional device that you want to pair. You have a maximum of 5 seconds from device to device so that they are all included in the same group. It’s easiest if you and your group all trigger the process at the same time.

Why aren't all the devices I tried to pair / pair with?

Possible causes are: You needed more than 5 seconds from one device to the other to initiate the pairing process or the devices were too far apart. Restart the pairing process on all CEECOACH PLUS. Make sure that it takes less than 5 seconds from device to device to start pairing mode and that the distance between devices is between 0.5 m and 10 m. Your CEECOACH PLUS may have different software versions that are not compatible with each other.

What happens if group members go out of range?

If a member of your party loses radio contact, the connection will be automatically restored when that member returns within range of your party. The CEECOACH PLUS gives you a hint about this. If two or more members lose your group, those two devices remain connected and can talk to each other. After returning to the group, these members have to switch their CEECOACH PLUS off and on again to return to your group. Alternatively, all participants can restart the pairing process. Example: In a cycling group, one team member breaks down and another participant stays with him. In this case, these two team members continue to have conversational contact. After returning to the whole group, they have to switch their device off and on again.

Adding additional devices to an existing group does not work?

If you would like to add another device to your group, the pairing process must be started for all devices. The targeted inclusion of another participant in an existing group is on our roadmap.

Can I listen to music with the CEECOACH PLUS?

Since it is not possible to connect your smartphone to the CEECOACH PLUS with the current release, you cannot listen to music either. The function to connect a smartphone is on our roadmap.

Can I connect a loudspeaker to the CEECOACH PLUS to let the audience participate?

Yes, you can connect a corded active loudspeaker to a CEECOACH PLUS via the 3.5 mm jack connection in order to let an audience participate. The CEECOACH PLUS connected to the speaker must be a participant within your communication group. Tip: Mute the CEECOACH PLUS that is connected to the loudspeaker to prevent possible interference, such as an echo for the other participants.

How do I clean my CEECOACH PLUS?

Clean your CEECOACH PLUS with lukewarm water, add a mild washing-up liquid if it is heavily soiled. Please note that the CEECOACH PLUS must always be cleaned with tap water after it has come into contact with salt water.

How do I connect a Bluetooth® headset to the CEECOACH PLUS?

Put your Bluetooth® headset in pairing mode, refer to your headset manual for this procedure if necessary. Now press the function button on your CEECOACH PLUS (button without elevation on the side) until the illuminated ring rotates blue. Both devices will now pair within 30 seconds. You do not need your cell phone for this process.

Note: You do not have to pair your headset via the Bluetooth® settings on your mobile phone, just directly with the CEECOACH PLUS.

What special features do I have to consider when pairing with Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro?

Make sure that no other devices (e.g. your iPhone) are within range of the Airpods before you start pairing / coupling with the CEECOACH PLUS. Alternatively, you can switch off Bluetooth® on the other devices or switch off the device before you start the pairing process with the CEECOACH PLUS. After pairing the Airpods with the CEECOACH PLUS, you can continue to use your other devices with the Airpods as usual.

Although the Airpods are paired with my CEECOACH PLUS, there is no voice switching?

If you use multiple devices with your Airpods, the Airpods may not automatically switch to your CEEECOACH PLUS. In this case, briefly press the function button (button without elevation) on your CEECOACH PLUS. Now you should get direct voice switching again.

Can I only use my Airpods with headphones (POD / Bud)?

Yes, but leave the AirPod case open just in case until the voice is switched through.

How can I subsequently pair my Airpods with an Apple device?

In addition to the CEECOACH PLUS, the Airpods (Pro) can also be paired again with your Apple iPhone. All you have to do is trigger the normal pairing process with your smartphone. If you then want to use your Airpods again with the CEECOACH PLUS, you must “ignore” your Airpods in the Bluetooth® menu of the smartphone to ensure operation.

How do I avoid the speech in my Bluetooth® headset being disrupted?

Preferably wear the Bluetooth® headset on the same side of your body as your CEECOACH PLUS. If you have your headset on/in your left ear, you can also wear the CEECOACH PLUS on the left side on your belt, on your arm or in your jersey pocket.

Can I use a different headset than the one supplied?

The wired and wireless Bluetooth® headsets recommended by peiker CEE have been extensively tested and ensure good voice quality. Many other commercially available headsets can be used with the CEECOACH PLUS, but peiker CEE cannot guarantee consistently good voice quality here.

Can I use my CEECOACH PLUS while diving?

No, your CEECOACH PLUS is not suitable for diving. Peiker CEE developed the CEECOACH PLUS according to the IP67 standard. This protects it against splashing water and falling into the water (e.g. falling off a surfboard) against water ingress.

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