Bring your CEECOACH 1 up to date.

software update

New in the latest software version

  • With more than two participants, the listening participants experienced intermittent audio disturbances. This will be fixed with software version 02.06.
  • CEECOACH can now be operated with a connected power supply (e.g. power bank).
  • With the update to v02.06, CEECOACH 1 can be loaded much faster.
  • Improved audio echo cancellation for wired headsets.
  • All CEECOACH devices used must receive the new version, as the echo is caused by the respective other party.
  • Optimized state of charge announcements
  • Connection setup to some other Bluetooth® headset models adjusted

In order to update your CEECOACH 1, you need our update program and the update file itself to install the new software. But before you start downloading the new software, be sure to read the detailed instructions for the CEECOACH update program here ( PDF, 401 KB).

And this is how it works:

  • Download and install the update program according to the instructions
  • Download the current CEECOACH software
  • If this message appears: “The computer has been protected by Windows”, please click on “More information” and “Run anyway” to start the installation
  • Problems may arise when using the EDGE browser. In this case, please use a different browser (e.g. Chrome).
  • Note: supported operating systems are Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. File size: 4MB.
  • Connect CEECOACH to the PC and start the update program.

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