CEECOACH Service – Battery Replacement


Prior to ordering this service, you must first contact product support at ceecoach@peiker-international.com to discuss the issue.

If your units are more than 1 years old (determined by the production date on the back) and need a new battery, please coordinate with our technical support to send your units in for a new battery.  If units are less than 1 years old and need a new battery, it is covered under warranty.

When sending your units in, please download and complete our Warranty Form and include it with your package.

This service cost is per unit sent.

This service includes:

  • Battery test / Replacement as needed
  • Updating firmware if desired
  • Pairing all units sent in
  • Cleaning
  • Shipping to and from peiker (US customers only, customers in Canada will need to mail their CEECOACH to our office. Please be aware- customs will add Duties/Fee/Taxes for returned repair CEECOACH. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR OFFICE. We DO NOT have control over how much customs will charge)