CEEFIT Fitness Tracker for Horses



The fitness tracker for horses – The CEEFIT Sensor combined with the Seaver app allows you to record training sessions with your horse’s movement data in real time.

Package Includes:

  • CEEFIT Sensor
  • Silicone case and saddle clip
  • Wireless charging base and USB cable
  • Instruction Manual


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Visualize your training. Now.

Smartphones, fitness trackers and automatically synchronizing calendars make everyday life easier for us and have long been organizing our daily activities. With our CEEFIT, we are now also digitizing equestrian training. Gone are the days of loose sheets and training diaries. Redesign your workout by measuring and visualizing it.

Riding is a sport in which you rely on your feelings or your performance is assessed individually by a riding instructor or judge. You train each side of your horse equally – do you think or do you know? Thanks to the CEEFIT, you know how much time you have ridden on which side and use this to adapt your further training. Keep an eye on your horse’s level of training and give it the best possible support to achieve your goals.

With the fitness tracker CEEFIT, the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt (sold separately or in a bundle) and the Seaver app (available in app stores), you can collect the movement and health data of your horse during a ride. The result of the performance diagnosis are objective facts and figures that are stored in the Seaver app for analysis and comparison with your assessment.

Measure the horse’s symmetry in locomotion or carry out an analysis of the jumps completed – the focus is on keeping your horse healthy through an individually tailored training plan. With our partner, the French manufacturer Seaver, and peiker,  you are safe with the CEEFIT as you train the fitness of your horse sustainably. Be there and digitize equestrian sport with us. Integrate CEEFIT into your daily training, visualize your progress and make your training sustainable in terms of the health of your horse.

Advantages of training monitoring for your horse and you:

Visualization of the training content
Ensure health maintenance
See continuous training progress
Design a comprehensible training program
Analysis of jumping training
Build up your stamina
Improvement of the quality of movement
Long-term increase in productivity

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